Worksforks Consulting was borne out of the love of helping others achieve their dreams of succeeding in the hospitality business, With decades of experience we truly understand the challenges of opening and creating a successful hospitality concept.

Consultants aren’t only for struggling business owners. WorkForks helps knowledgeable owners fine tune successful operations, in addition to teaching successful and and struggling operators techniques on how to make their business more successful.

often times, an owner simply needs an extra hand to complete a project they don’t have the time to complete on their own. In all cases, WorkForks has experience turning unprofitable businesses profitable and adding dollars to your bottom line.

For new restaurant owners WorkForks partners with you on the most efficient design of your new restaurant,. We develop business plans, investor packs, pre and post opening budgets and projections as well as time lines and task list for not only first time, but experienced owners. Our opening plans use proven design elements, daily weekly and monthly management systems, detailed policies and procedures, as well as active marketing and social media programs to give you the best chance for success in an amazingly difficult industry.

Use our plan on your own, or have us coordinate the entire project from start to finish. From writing your business plan to hiring and training your team. With over 35 openings under our belt, we can save you time, money and effort so you can focus on fine tuning your concept.


concept development

Business Plan & Brand Statement Generation

Investor Presentations

Complete Budget & Financial Performa

Menu Development & Recipe Creation

Orientation Manual & Statement of Concept

Full Kitchen Layout Design/Flow

Concept Repositioning

New Menu Roll-outs



WORKFORKS Hospitality operates as a boutique executive recruiting firm, our candidates are “best in class”, fully vetted and are based through personally working with the candidates or relationship referrals. We are hospitality veterans, placing fellow hospitality veterans. All candidates will be vetted through our HR process before being presented to our clients.

 budget and p&l assistance

Line-by-Line Analysis and P&L “Scrubbing”

Generate 3-10 Points of New Profit

Create Structured Budgeting Analysis Process

Increase Team Performance by Measuring Productivity

Ordering & Inventory Controls

Labor Scheduling Techniques


 event production

Concept & Development

Client Engagement

Vendor Solicitation & Donations

Planning, Communication, Critical Path

Event Marketing

Event Coordination

Event Operations

project management

Secret Shopper Reports

Operations Assessment Customized to Your Concept

Computer, POS Assistance

Front Desk Operations Training

Complete New Hire Training Programs by Position

Recruiting Help


kitchen & bar design

Space Planning

Critical Path

Equipment Specifications

Maximum Flow Analysis

Equipment R&D

Design Supervision & Collaboration

Coordination Oversight

Health Department Engagement & Coordination

hospitality assessment

WORKFORKS has the experience and intelligence to help make your operations thrive.

S.W.O.T. Analysis Report and Recommendation

Menu of Services presented by Phases based on Clients Feedback

Presentation of 360 Strategic Partners

Generation & Completion of Critical Path Phases

Financial Analytics based on Current & Future Operations

Full Culinary Operations & Support Including Procurement

Leader Mentorship

Team Member Mentorship


“Simon’s performance was a great blend of rock star creativity with classical business acumen. I would not hesitate to do business with him again”

rene bardel

“Simon combines passion, expertise & common sense in his management of people & products. His depth of knowledge coupled with good humor & people skills draw people to him, whether the people be business partners or guests in his many successful properties.”

mary ross

“I worked with Simon for 7 years at KDK Management. I was the Marketing Director and he was the Operations Director so we worked together on the same team for years. I found Simon to be one of the best at what he does, manage people and run restaurants. He was very responsible for developing one of Chicago’s most successful restaurant groups of that time. I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to open a restaurant or that has an existing restaurant group. He is also a great guy to work with!”

john mccartney